• 22.12.2015

    Documentary filmmaking – 2015

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    On the 24th of December in Almaty in the cinema «Bekmambetov Cinema 3D» (The Republican square 2, the shopping mall «Almaly») there will be premier screening of the documentary films producing by JSC «Kazakhfilm» named after Shaken Aimanov: «Abzal’s homeland» (film directors K. Dyusembayev and V. Tyulkin), «The worlds of Moris Simoshko» (film director A. Golovinskiy), «Saving people’s hearts» (film director O. Tastanov), «Desht-i-Kypchak. Secret signs» (film directors B. Gafu, A. Kamenskiy).
    All films will be presented by directors as well as by representatives of creative groups. Entrance is free.

    The cinema «Bekmambetov Cinema 3D»
    Time        Title
    14:00        «Abzal’s homeland» film directors K. Dyusembayev and V. Tyulkin
    15:15        «The worlds of Moris Simoshko» film director A. Golovinskiy
    16:30        «Saving people’s hearts» film director O. Tastanov
    17:45        «Desht-i-Kypchak. Secret signs» film directors B. Gafu, A. Kamenskiy

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