• 21.01.2020

    The film «Shyrakshy/The Guardian» by Ermek Tursunov premiered in Nur-Sultan

    The premiere of the new film «Shirakshy/The Guardian» was held in Nur-Sultan at the Kinopark 9 IMAX Saryarka cinema on the 20th of January. The film was presented to Nur-Sultan residents by the director - Yermek Tursunov, producer - Honored worker of Kazakhstan Kanat Torebay, main actor - Murat Mukazhanov, and the president of the “Kazakhfilm” - Honored worker of Kazakhstan Arman Asenov. The film will be released in Kazakhstan on the 23rd of January 2020.


    The film «Shyrakshy/The Guardianr», made by the “Kazakhfilm” studio with the participation of Tursunov Film, tells the story of a soldier who returned from the war. He brought an old movie projector with movies - a gift from a rescued old German. The soldier does not part with the projector until the end of his days, because good and light must always have a guardian.


    - The main character is not just a person who brings movies to the villages, his movie projector is a symbol of light and memory of the past. “Shyrakshy” is the one who brings light to people.  I would like everyone to remembered his own “Shyrakshy” after watching the film, - said the Ermek Tursunov, film’s Director.


    The main role in the film was played by 70-year-old professional actor Murat Mukazhanov. The young soldier was played by Kuat Tleubayev, who is also a production designer of the film. A famous Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of Russia Nina Usatova performed the role of the Russian widow of a shepherd in the film.


    It should be noted that according to the Director's idea, the main role in the film was to be played by the late Kazakh actor Mentai Utepbergenov. He was also the author of the idea of the movie.


    The main shooting of the film took place in Almaty, Talgar and near Zharkent. The period of the Great Patriotic War was filmed in the capital of Hungary – Budapest.


    The film had its world premiere in June 2019 at the XXII Shanghai international film festival (China). In fact, Kazakhstan was presented in the main competition program of this prestigious film festival for the first time.


    The film also managed to participate In the open Russian film festival “Kinoshok-2019” (Anapa, Russia), where the actor Muratzhan Mukazhanov received a Special diploma of the Grand jury “For creating a poetic image of a servant of the art of cinema”, and the film's operator Martin Sechanov got the prize named after A. Knyazhinsky “For the best cinematography in a feature film”. Last November the film won two awards at the Sochi International Film Festival and Awards: “The best film” award and “The best actress” award, which went to Russian actress Nina Usatova.


    In addition, the feature film took part in the Asian World Film Festival (USA), Dhaka International Film Festival (Bangladesh), and was also shown in France and Mongolia as part of the days of Kazakh cinema

    Film distribution of the movie throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out by “Meloman” company.


    Production: JSC “Kazakhfilm” named after Shaken Aimanov, Tursunov Film

    Script author: Yermek Tursunov

    Director: Yermek Tursunov

    Director of photography: Martin Sechanov

    Production designer: Kuat Tleubayev

    Composer: Kuat Shildebayev

    Producer: Kanat Torebay

    Cast: Murat Mukazhanov, Kuat Tleubaev, Nina Usatova, Yerbolat Toguzakov, Alibek Danabay

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