• 28.10.2019

    “Kazakhfilm”’s animated films are now available on studio’s official youtube channel

    “Kazakhfilm” studio congratulates everyone with International Animation Day! Animated films help to shape up a human being’s character from the early childhood so today is a great day for everyone.


    Kazakh animation is boosting rapidly, our professionals’s achievements are acknowledged worldwide. Recently our full-length animated feature ‘Muzbalak” was awarded a prize for “Best animated film” at 24th “Schlingel” international children and youth film festival.


    - Nowadays the Kazakh animation founded by Amen Khaidarov attracts great interest both domestically and abroad and that’s quite flattering. Our animation professionals’ work which is no less than foreign professionals’ works take part in international film festivals on a regular basis.


    In mid-September this year the Museum of Kazakh cinema was launched.During the Museum grand opening our animation professionals were given the commemorative gifts for contribution to Kazakh animation. They were given the silver coins worth 500 KZT each and a thematic stamp issued specially for the 50th anniversary of Kazakh animation.


    Animation is a strategically important and fascinating sphere of art. Each viewer is important for us but children are capable of appreciating this art being completely unbiased, - said president of ‘kKazakhfilm” studio Arman Assenov.


    He also added the series of postal stamps dedicated to contemporary Kazakh animation are to be issued later this year. The stamps will carry the stills from animated films like “The sheep and the goat”, “Boasting girl”, “Yer Tostik and the dragon” made at “Kazakhfilm”’s animation department.


    Besides, from now on the animated films made by “Kazakhfilm” within the period of independence are available for free at studio’s official youtube channel.


    Viewers can watch the following animated films there:

    1.     “Kultegin”. dir. Adai Abeldinov, 2017

    2.     ‘Muzbalak” dir. Turdybek Maidan, Tilek Toleugazy, 2017

    3.     “Timur and Zhanik”, dir. Ramil Usmanov, 2010

    4.     “Timur and the dragon”, dir. Ramil Usmanov, 2013

    5.     “Promised land”, dir. Adai Abeldinov, 2013

    6.     “Boasting girl”, dir. Ramil Usmanov, 2011

    7.     “The sheep and the goat”, dir. Batyrkhan Daurenbekov, 2008

    8.     “Yer Tostik”, dir. Zhaken Danenov, Rustem Turaliyev, 2012

    9.     “Kazakhstan is our common home” (Animated series, 9 episodes), 2014

    10. “Kazakh land”, dir. Batyrkhan Daurenbekov, 2008, 2015

     “Kazakhfilm” plans to make the classic Kazakh films also available at studio’s official youtube channel including the full filmography of legendary Kazakh filmmaker Shaken Aimanov.

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