История AO «Казахфильм» им. Шакена Айманова

The first documentary about Kazakhstan, “The 5th anniversary of Kazakh ASSR”, is released.


The All-Russian trust, “Vostok” JSC, is founded in Moscow as a subsidiary to Sovnarkom  of  RSFSR. It was done to start a film chronicles of Eastern countries.


Filmmaker V.Turin made a film “Turksib” in Kazakhstan with the equipment of “Vostokkino” trust. This film entered the cinematic top that has influenced the whole world cinema greatly.


“Vostokkino” trust had produced the following films:

-         “Songs of steppe’ feature starring Serke Kozhamkulov

-         “Dzhut” (“Famine”) feature starring Khakim Davletbekov

-         The two actors mentioned – Kozhamkulov and Davletbekov – both contributed a lot into bulding and developing Kazakh cinema, they can both be called the very first professional actors of the latter.


Almaty film chronicles studio was founded.


Almaty film chronicles studio starts producing documentaries.


“Lenfilm” studio produced first Kazakh feature film “Amangeldy”.


As per decision of Sovnarkom of Kazakh SSR (#762 from September 12, 1941) the Almaty film studio (features) was founded.

1941(November 15) :

Central United Film Studio (CUFS) was founded at the premises of Almaty studio of film chrovicles and film features. CUFS included Russian studios “Mosfilm” and ‘Lenfilm” – the ones evacuated from Russia to kazakhsstan during WW2. CUFS used to function in Almaty up until 1944 and used to release 80& of all of the local feature films in wartime.

1944  (January 25) :

After the CUFS was deactivated and “Mosfilm” and ‘Lenfilm” studios were reevacuated the Almaty film studio was renamed into Almaty film studio of feature films and chronicles.


“The songs of Abay” featire was released (directed by G.Roshal and Y.Aron, starring K/Kuanyshpayev and Sh.Aimanov)


“Dzhambul” feature was released (directed by Y/Dzigan, starring Sh.Aimanov).


“The poem of love” features was released and set a pattern of regular film releases at Almaty Film Studio.

1960 (January 9) :

As per decision of Ministry of Culture of KSSR the Almaty film studio of feature films and chronicles was named into “Kazakhfilm” studio.

1963 (January 8-9) :

First  Inaugural Congress of the Filmakers’ Union of Kazakhstan took place, first secretary – Shaken Aimanov.

1963 (May 28) :

State Film Committee of Ministers’ Counsil of KSSR – Goskino of KSSR (1963 – 1988).


The production of animated films started in Kazakhstan. First ever Kazakh animation film, “Why is the martlet’s tail split?” directed by Amen Khaidarov.


“Kazakhfilm” studio is named after the outstanding Kazakh filmmaker Shaken Aimanov.


Kazakhfilmstudio named after Sh. Aimanov is changed into Republican creative-production unit – RTPO “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov.

1996 (August 20) :

RTPO “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh.Aimanov is reorganized by splitting into Kazakh film factory named after Sh.Aimanov (technical base), and also National Producing Center of RoK (handling of creative process, collaboration with independent production studios).

2000 (March 28) :

Kazakh film factory named after Sh.Aimanov, National Producing Center of RoK, Kazkinoprokat and Gosfilmofond are reaorganized by merging into Republican state enterprise – RGKP National company “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh/Aimanov.


By the order #563 of the Government of RoK from June 6 2005 “On some issues of republican state enterprises” RGKP National company “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh/Aimanov is changed into JSC “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh/Aimanov.

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