• 14.12.2010

    Legendary film “The end of Ataman” celebrates its 40 anniversary (video)

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    The adventure film was created on the basis of the historical events occurring in Kazakhstan in 1920. Plot is based on operation by Dzharkentsky SC on liquidation of White Guard ataman Dutov’s gangs.The operation was assigned to security officer Chadyarov who gets into a staff of the ataman, gains his trust and manages to complete the task.

    Actor Asanali Ashimov who played a leading role in this film, remembers:

    — When the film script has been confirmed, I played in Sultan Hodzhikov’s “Kyz-Zhibek”. But our work has been going so well and “The end of Ataman” has been finished before “Kyz-Zhibek”. Shaken Aimanov was happy with my play. It is a pity, of course, that he didn’t know audience’s opinion as he has died soon…

    The best people of the cinema of that time have been involved in the film. Shaken Aimanov was the director, Andrey Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky and Edward Tropin were script writers, and such actors as Asanali Ashimov, Victor Avdjushko, Genady Yudin, Yury Sarantsev, Vladimir Gusev, Vladislav Strelchik, Boris Ivanov, Nurmuhan Zhanturin, Altynaj Eleuova, Nurzhuman Ihtymbaev, Zainullat Setekov, Alina Nemchenko, Oleg Lee were involved.

    Is the latest film of Shakena Ajmanova. For me it is the whole history, an epopee, after all the best creative group has been involved in the project including the master of Kazakhstan cinema, Shaken Kenzhetaevich Aimanov. Those friendly relations we have got with colleagues during film shootings are longing till now. All of them became known screen persons of that time. These are stories which repeats once in millenia, especially, in 70th the studio has reached its new revival. I would call it the Renaissance epoch.

    The premiere of the film has taken place in 1970. In 1972 the film has been awarded the State award of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, and also script writers Andrey Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, Edward Tropin and actor Asanali Ashimov have been awarded the State award of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic.

    “The end of Ataman”  is a first film from the trilogy about security officer Chadyarov. “Trans-Siberian Express” in 1977 and “The Manchurian variant” in 1989 have followed”.

    In 2010 JSC “Kazakhfilm” named Shaken Aimanov together with "IZARUS-FILM" movie company presented a new film “Who are you, Mr.Ka?”, which sends us to the well-known pictures of last years — to " Trans-Siberian express ” and “The end of Ataman”. This film is possible to name the thematic continuation of the saga about legendary security officer. Despite almost century rupture between described events, at heroes of all three pictures, besides remarkable actor's play of Asanali Ashimov, have much in common. Together they create a generalized character of the Hero, the real man, strong spirit, true to his duty and his honor. The character has no limitation period.

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