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First Documentary Film about Kazakhstan " 5th anniversary Kazakhstan ASSR";


In Moscow within RSFSR Sovnarkom create Russian trest ---- Joint Stock Company "East", which was intended to lead film chronicle of the East;


In Kazakhstan. on the basis trest " EastCinema" director V. Torino made the film "Turksib" ("Steel Way"). This picture was included in the list of the best films that have had a huge impact on the entire future course of world cinema;


On the basis of "Vostokkino" trust created:

- Feature film "Song of the Steppe", where the main role laborer starred Serke Kozhamkulov;

- Feature film "Jute", where the main role played Hakim Davletbekov;

Serke Kozhamkulov and Hakim Davletbekov made a worthy contribution to the development of Kazakh cinematography, they can rightly be called the first actors of the Kazakh cinema.


Organized Almaty studio newsreel;


On the Alma-Atinskoy cinema studios was begun release documentary film's;


 The studio "Lenfilm" is shot the first Kazakh film "Amangeldy";


Resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the Kazakh SSR №762 from 12 September 1941 organized by the Alma-Ata studio (feature films);

1941 (15th November) 

On the basis of the Alma-Ata studio newsreel and film studio feature films created by the Central United Film Studio -CUFS, which included evacuated in Kazakhstan "Mosfilm" and "Lenfilm". CUFS, has worked in Almaty until 1944 and produced during the war, 80% of all domestic feature films;

1944 (25th January)

After the dissolution of CUFS's and re-evacuation "Mosfilm" and "Lenfilm", Alma-Ata film studio was renamed into Alma-Ata studio art and newsreels;


Release film "Songs of Abai" (director- GL Roshal, EE Aron, starring K. Kuanyshpaev, Aimanov Sh);


Release film «Zhambyl» (directed by EL Dzigan; starring: Sh Aimanov)


«Poem about love» was released. With these picture’s creating started regular release of motion pictures on Alma-Ata movie studio

1960 (9th January)

By the order of Ministry of culture of Kazakh SSR; Alma-Ata movie studio of motion and chronical movies was renamed in “Kazakhfilm” movie studio

1963 (8-9 January)

The Union of Cinematographers of Kazakhstan held it’s first founding congress . Shaken Kenzhetaevich Aimanov was elected as the First Secretary

1963 (28 May)

The State Committee of the Kazakh SSR Council of Ministers on the cinema – Goskino of Kazakh SSR was created( 1963 – 1988)


In Kazakhstan started production of animated films. The first Kazakhstan cartoon "Why a swallow tail horns?" by artist Amen Abzhanovich Khaydarov;


Studios "Kazakhfilm" was named by the outstanding figure of national cinematography Shaken Kenzhetaevich Aimanov (Studio "Kazakhfilm" named after Shaken Aimanov.);


Film studio "Kazakhfilm". Shaken Aimanov transformed into a Republican creative-production association - RCPO "Kazakhfilm" named after. Shaken Aimanov;

1996 (20th August)

RCPO "Kazakhfilm" named after. Sh Aimanov was reorganized through the dividing into Kazakh film factory named after. Sh Aimanov (material base) and the National producers center RK (organization of creative process, work with independent producer studios);

2000 (28th March)

Kazakh film factory named after. Sh Aimanov, National producers center RK and National films’ fund were reorganized through connection into Republican national state-owned company – RNSC National Company “Kazakhfilm” named after Sh. Aimanov;


By the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 06, 2005 № 563 "On some questions of republican state enterprise" State Enterprise "National company" Kazakh film " named after Shaken Aimanov transformed into a joint-stock company "Kazakh film" after. Shaken Aimanov ".

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